230g El Tambo Colombian Coffee

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El Tambo, Colombia 230g

If you like coffee this is about the best you can get!

About this awesome coffee :


Tasting Notes: Hazelnut, Berries,Caramel

Antioquia Fully Washed Microlot

Processing:Fully washed
Altitude:1,850 meters above sea level
Owner:Libia Tangerife
Libia Tangerife grows coffee on Finca La Florida, Antioquia. The farm is 2.67 hectares and cultivates mainly Castillo variety plants at the high altitude of 1,850 meters above sea level. Her Fully washed coffee is mouthwatering with its candy sweetness, creaminess and Berry notes.   In addition to coffee, Libia also plants plantains and bananas.

Due to the small size of her farm, Libia and her family do the majority of labor on the farm. With a small, dedicated workforce of family members, Libia is able to maintain the highest quality of production.  

Cherry is selectively handpicked and then pulped in a classic pulper. Libia wet ferments the coffee and then washes it in clean water. She then transfers wet parchment to raised beds where it sundries for 6 days. 

Once dry, parchment rests in Jute bags in a warehouse on the farm for 8 days and is then transported to the cooperative, Cooperativa Occidente de Antioquia.

Located in the Andes Mountain range, Antioquia has a wealth of microclimates. The change in microclimates is visible to naked eye by watching the roadside vegetation changing along a drive on winding mountain roads. Thanks to the humid climate and high altitudes near 2,000 meters above sea level, there’s pretty amazing and diverse coffees to be found.  

Sergio Fajardo, governor of Antioquia department, is determined to prove just how remarkable Antioquia is. He launched a campaign that invests in educating people across all stratas of society. Widespread education in Antioquia directly affects coffee quality. The first phase of Fajardo’s program is focused on coffee. Coffee is the most important source of revenue for the region. The program focuses on making more traditional farmers aware of new farming practices, of more ecologically responsible methods, new varieties, and so on. The goal is to improve the general quality of the coffee produced in the region and to inspire the younger generations to follow in their parents’ footsteps.

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